Hercules workshop - Enschede, NL

December 2001

Linux Kongress Hercules workshop
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In Decmeber 2001, I along with several other Hercules developers was invited by Willem Konynenberg (a Hercules developer himself) on an all expenses paid trip to Enschede, Netherlands, to attend the "Linux Kongress" there, compliments of the German government.

He worked it out (purposely of course!) so that we would all arrive several days before the actual event such that we could thus attend our own ad hoc "Hercules workshop" (wherein we each got the chance to work together face to face with one another discussing and resolving various Hercules related issues which would otherwise be difficult to do electronically over the Internet), hence the title on this web page.

The actual Linux Kongress event was held at some University in Enschede the name of which escapes me at the moment, and we simply commandeered one of the classrooms for our Hercules workshop (which is what you see in some of the pictures).

It was a lot of fun, and it was real nice to finally get to see what each other looked like in person. About the only thing that wasn't fun during the event was me trying to use the laptop computer Richard Higson was kind enough to loan to me to use for the week, since, unbeknownst to him, it had been pre-loaded by his assistant with a German version of Windows! (and I can't read nor write German at all!)   :)

Anyway, both Jay Maynard and Richard Higson were both thoughtful enough to bring cameras with them so that we could document the event and get pictures of one another to pass around.  I've organized(?!) these pictures on the following web pages so that you too can get a chance to see what each of us looks like in person (or at least what we used to look like back in December 2001 anyway; my own hair's a tad bit shorter now for example, having recently gotten a haircut).

(  Warning:   Each of the below pictures is anywhere from 300K to 700K in size!  )

Me, trying to
demo HercGUI
to Jan, but Jan
gets distracted
by what Jay
and Greg are
        Me, trying to
demo HercGUI
to Willem, but
having trouble
since the
laptop was
installed in
        Me, trying to
figure out that
dang German
        Me, STILL trying
to crash learn

Me, sharing
a cigarette
break with
Just me!

The pictures you see above were all taken by Richard Higson who gave me copies. The below link takes you to a another page where a dozen or so more of Richard's pictures can be seen (several of which are duplicates of the ones you see above, and all of which are just as large as the ones above).

yet more of Richard's pictures

The following pictures have nothing to do with the workshop in Enschede, but I didn't feel like putting them on a page all by themselves.

Ivan Warren is another of the Hercules developers, but he didn't join the team until some time after the trip to Enschede. The middle picture is the bitmap he supplies with his PGP key (I have one too as does Volker Bandke and Paul Scott too I believe), whereas the first one is a picture that Greg Smith had taken when Ivan came to visit him in North Carolina a few summers ago (that's where Greg is from (North Carolina); Ivan is from some place "down south" somewhere (one of the Southern states; I forget which one) but is currently living in Paris, France (of all places!) not far from Roger Bowler, the original author of Hercules and the gentleman holding the baby in the picture on the far right).


Greg Smith
and Ivan Warren
Ivan Warren
Ivan Warren,
Roger Bowler,
and son

(Place de la Nation, summer 2004)

This next picture (below) is just some crazy guy called Jeffrey "Bomber" Broido. He's not a Hercules developer, (but he is a big fan of Hercules and a heck of a nice guy besides), but I thought the picture was simply too interesting (funny) to pass up not having it on my photos page.  <grin>   (I'm sorry Jeff, I couldn't help it!)


( what's more interesting than the picture
perhaps is how he got the nickname "Bomber!" )

And finally, there's this picture of Adam Thornton all jubilant after just having purchased his copy of Tiger. He's one of the "Herculeans" (but wasn't at Enschede) and is also a big Hercules fan (and a pretty cool guy besides too).

Adam Thornton

That's it.   That's all there is.   You can go back to work now.   Play time is over.     :)