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Hercules Windows GUI -- Version 1.11.1

(Build 5265)

(March 1, 2007)

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Thanks to several people's gracious generosity, there are now several 'mirror' sites available where you can download these files from. Please use an alternate download site if one is available in your area. Thanks!

primary site


   Sam Knutson's
mirror site
(North America)

North Potomac, MD
United States

   Volker Bandke's
mirror site


   Pedro Ramos's  
mirror site



Note: when a new release is announced, the new version may not show up on the mirror sites until approximately 24 - 48 hours after the announcement. Once a new release has been out for at least 24 - 48 hours however, then all the mirrors should contain exactly the same information as the primary site. Please use a mirror if one is availble in your area. Thanks!

  For my fellow Windows Herculeans, here are the links to download my latest version of HercGUI: the Windows GUI interface to Hercules.

Other Helpful Links

  • Why Make a Donation?     (Help me out folks! I'm unemployed and need the income! Pretty please?)

  • HercGUI "What's New"     (important information pertaining to this new release)

  • HercGUI Brief Operating Instructions.     (how to use HercGUI (approx. 950K of images; may take a while to load))

  • HercGUI Frequently Asked Questions.     (where to go if you're having trouble)

  • MSVC Hercules Build Instructions     (How to build the new MSVC version of Hercules)

  • Maximizing Hercules Available Memory     (How to recover hundreds of megabytes of valuable virtual memory!)

  • CTCI-W32     (Hercules Channel-to-Channel link to Win32 TCP/IP stack)

  • Volker Bandke's "Installing CYGWIN" web page     (help on installing Cygwin, a Windows Hercules required component)

  • Volker Bandke's "Building Hercules for Windows" web page

  • Volker Bandke's "MVS 3.8 Tur(n)key System"     (a complete, pre-built MVS 3.8 system, ready to run!)

  • Volker Bandke's "New Users Documentation Effort" web page

  • The main Hercules emulator home page.     (How to configure your 'mainframe')

  • Hercules workshop - Enschede, NL - December 2001     (Pictures of the gang!)

  • That's it.   Enjoy your Windows GUI 'front panel' interface to Hercules!   :)

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