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Why Make a Donation?

Because you're employed, and I'm not !

(besides, it's a very nice program and worth something, isn't it??)

Note: you have my word of honor that everything I say further below is absolutely true.

(Note too, that I do not usually send out my "Thank you!"s for any donations received
until after I've updated my web page)

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2003 - 2004

June 2005

Situation Update:     (June 2005)

The MSVC port of Hercules is more or less complete.   (yea!!!)

This is a pure Win32 port of Hercules and as such, does not require Cygwin at all in order to run!

It's still in 'beta' (since it's such a radical departure from our current Windows offering and required rather extensive modifications to many different areas of Hercules) and will probably remain in beta status for the next few weeks or so, but once it comes out of beta, you will then be able to run Hercules (on Windows; the Linux/Apple/etc versions of Herc haven't really changed much at all) without having to install Cygwin first!   (Yea! No more Cygwin!)

Anyway, that's what I've been hard at work working on for these past few months, so now you know.  :)

As far as donations totals go however, as you can see below, my income from contracting work is slowly dwindling. This is to be expected since as time goes by, my client needs less and less help (whereas initially they needed a lot of help). Thus I shouldn't have to point out (but I will anyway) that, even though I'm still earning contract income from time to time...

...voluntary donations are still very much needed and appreciated!

Thanks for understanding.

Donations received so far:     (since original plea)

   Total for  2002   $4185.00
   Total for  2003   $5270.00
  January 2004   $1475.00
  February 2004    $100.00
  March 2004    $75.00
  April 2004    $500.00
  May 2004    $50.00
  June 2004    $0.00
  July 2004   $3569.50             (contract income)   1
  August 2004   $3060.00             (contract income)
  September 2004   $2649.00             (contract income)
  October 2004    $0.00
  November 2004    $0.00

  Jan - Nov  2004   $11,478.50
N.H.   12/18/2004    $50.00
S.K.   12/18/2004    $10.00
F.B.   12/31/2004    $10.00
  Dec 2004   $1395.00             (contract income)

  December  2004   $1465.00
D.P.   1/29/2005    $25.00
D.S.   1/31/2005    $50.00
  Jan 2005   $1710.70             (contract income)
  Feb 2005    $900.00             (contract income)
M.G.   3/8/2005    $20.00
  Mar 2005    $855.00             (contract income)
  Apr 2005    $498.90             (contract income)
  May 2005    $???.00             (contract income)

  Jan - May  2005   $4059.60

TOTAL   (since April 2002)     $26,458.10

A big  Thank You!  to all who have contributed thus far, and to those who continue to contribute.  I really appreciate it!

Here's that link again:

Make a donation via PayPal - It's fast, easy and secure!

Remember, I'm not trying to get rich off this deal; I'm simply trying to survive!

(if you wish to donate by personal check, see my resumé for my mailing address)

My Promise to You

I hereby promise to update this page as my situation changes and donations come in (or not), and if you're one of those people who needs proof, (just to be sure I'm not making all this stuff up just to "get rich" somehow), I stand by ready and willing to work with you in providing whatever evidence you might need to satisfy yourself that what I say above is absolutely true.

   Technically, contract income shouldn't be counted as "donation income", but it's too much trouble to report it separately so I'm including it in with the donation totals too, you can see how much TOTAL income I'm getting (which as you can see is not much!).   Thus, even though I do earn some contract income from time to time,  voluntary donations are still very much needed and appreciated.