BSP - Beratung, Schulung, Projekte

the New Users Documentation Effort.

Mainframes - We are back .... & we are pissed

This is ongoing work in progress (hopefully), and so far you can see the following topics:

  1. The N.U.D.E. portal, where you find more docs
  2. Hercules Developer Conference, Paris, 2008 Meeting
  3. Some more Frequently Asked (and Answered) questions
  4. Hercules GUI provided by FISH
  5. Hercules precompiled Binaries for Windows - Distribution Archives
  6. Hercules Daily Developer's Snapshots
  7. Hercules precompiled Binaries for Windows
  8. Building Hercules Binaries under Windows
  9. Reporting a hercules bug (experimental)
  10. Installing CYGWIN to run Hercules binaries under Windows
  11. JCL in the N.U.D.E
  12. Utilities uncovered
  13. Build Yourself An Editor In 7 Steps
  14. RPF - Rob's Programming Facility
  15. Activating VTAM and TSO on MVS 3.8J
  16. VTAM Operator Commands Cheat Sheet
  17. MVS and JES2 Commands Cheat Sheet
  18. MVS Tur(n)key # 3 - MVS 3.8 ready to run
  19. Utilities for the MVS Turnkey System
  20. Hercules and OS/390

If you want to make any comments, suggestions etc feel free to send an email to

If you want, you might try to reach me via Netmeeting

Enjoy your private hercules mainframe

BSP Beratung, Schulung, Projekte GmbH